I’m a relative newbie having seen only a few Mistresses prior to Mistress Katerina over a period of around ten years. The previous attempts went from my first ever session where the Mistress completely disregarded our pre-session conversations and frankly scared the life out of me, to a nice but unreliable lady who regularly cancelled sessions at the last minute and eventually retired before I managed to see her for a third time and ended with someone who seemed so thoroughly disinterested in our only session that I thought we both might nod off! After a few more years of writing the whole thing off as a bad idea, the familiar nagging started in the back of my brain once again and I found myself browsing Mistress directories and websites more frequently, hoping someone would jump out at me.
Fortunately for me after widening my search to include Birmingham someone did just that in the form of Mistress Katerina. Anyone who has seen her website will already have seen that she is strikingly beautiful but obviously there is much more to a good Mistress than just looks. After reading her testimonials and following her twitter feed for a while to try and get a better idea of her style and personality, I plucked up the courage to make an appointment to see her and I have to say it goes down as one of the better decisions I’ve ever made!
The first thing which became clear as she opened the door is that the pictures on her website aren’t the work of a magician or a photoshop whizz-kid, Mistress Katerina is simply very beautiful, perhaps even more so than the pictures suggest. In real life she moves with elegance and grace and her whole manner is one of calm authority. We had a conversation prior to the session starting to find out a little more about each other, building on what had previously been discussed by email. To my relief she turned out to be a thoroughly nice person who’s relaxed and friendly attitude helped to calm someone bordering on a nervous wreck (me) and she even had a sense of humour. I suppose I shouldn’t really have been too surprised by that but previous experiences had left me assuming it was unlikely! Mistress was aware of my inexperience and nervousness and took things very carefully, regularly checking I was okay and taking the time to explain what she was doing as we went along. Whilst I certainly felt under her control I always felt safe with Mistress Katerina, something necessary to enable someone of a nervous disposition such as myself to focus on and enjoy the session. The activities we explored centred on those which had been discussed and although I’m not the most adventurous type out there (yet) Mistress proved to be an expert at them all. For any other foot worship fans out there she also has rather lovely, soft and pretty feet which were a pleasure to be allowed to kiss. Being knelt at her feet, gazing up at her smiling face as she gently blew her smoke over me, occasionally stopping to dab her ash into my mouth is another experience I’ll never forget and was worth the drive to Birmingham alone!
So if you’re thinking about seeing a Mistress but are a bit nervous, or even if you’re not nervous at all, I can’t imagine anyone coming away from a meeting with Mistress Katerina disappointed. I certainly didn’t and hope to be back again sooner rather than later.