I’d arranged a 90 minute session with Lady Lucea and Mistress Katerina via email at their West Bromwich play space. Upon arrival I was greeted by Lady Lucea who beckoned me inside the building and away from the street.

Mistress looked resplendent in blue lingerie, black stocking and stilettos as she greeted me with a smile and I politely kissed her hand. She then led me down a short flight of stairs to the dungeon where I was introduced to Mistress Katerina.

Mistress Katerina was also wearing lingerie; black and red. She wore a small pendant around her neck that rested invitingly on her chest, accentuating her cleavage. I tried my best not to stare at her or Lady Lucea but failed miserably.

I was invited to sit and we discussed health issues, scene requirements and safe words. I handed over some chocolates that I’d purchased for them and was then asked to strip: Before I knew it I was naked and on my knees at the feet of two beautiful women and I do mean beautiful.

The first thing they did was lead me over to a large bed and tie me securely to it; both my arms and legs were bound with sturdy rope and I was blindfolded. Lady Lucea stood on my face and made me suck her stocking clad foot before the two women went to work on my nipples and balls – testing my pain threshold.

Over the next few minutes I experienced a variety of sensations from the gentle caress of a feather to the painful scratching of a pinwheel on the head of my cock. As Lady Lucea sat on top of me I distinctly remember wanting to put my arms around her but the restraints prevented me from doing so.

Next I was ordered to drink water from a dog bowl and led around the dungeon on all fours, much to the amusement of my tormentors. Lady Lucea ordered me to bark like a dog as she whipped me and Mistress Katerina tickled me until I laughed uncontrollably.

Once suitably humiliated I was then tied to a pommel horse and made to stand legs apart on tip toes. Mistress Katerina began working a small but plug into my arse as Lady Lucea taunted and forced me to suck her strap-on. A little while later a second plug was inserted which forced me to open wider whilst the two dominatrix’s debated who got to fuck me first.

Mistress Katerina explained to me that fucking men made Lady Lucea extremely horny which is something she’d have to remedy after our session. Lady Lucea, in a mischievous mood had at this point begun to caress her partner in crime.

Next Lady Lucea slapped my face with her feet before forcing me to the ground. I was whipped and beaten. Nipple clamps were applied and then ripped away before Lady Lucea decided to squeeze my nipples between her toes.

I was then ordered back to the bed where I was commanded to stand on all fours. Lady Lucea then proceeded to work a butt plug in and out of my arse as Mistress Katerina invaded my mouth: The sensation of being violated was quite strange; awkward at first but then pleasurable as Lady Lucea found her rhythm and my prostate.

The scene finished with me worshipping the legs of both dommes and I enjoyed kissing and caressing their thighs as I rested my head. At this point I was deeply in their thrall and could quite happily have spent the day in that state – like some kind of strange pet.

The two mistresses clearly enjoy one another’s company and have contrasting styles that complement each other well – making for a pleasurable session.

The delectable Lady Lucea is a beautiful black woman who has an infectious smile and an energetic persona. She seems to delight in taunting and teasing her victims, or at least she appeared to enjoy tormenting me.

In contrast Mistress Katrina has long red hair and a pale white complexion. Tall, slender and quite simply stunning she exudes a calm authority when she speaks. Her tone is warm and inviting and yet her manner is precise and controlling.

After the session had ended Mistress Katerina spent about 20 minutes talking to me about BDSM in general. I’m grateful for this as it put my mind at ease and made me feel liked which is something I needed after experiencing all manner of humiliation.

I left the dungeon with a big smile on my face after giving both mistresses a warm hug. It may sound paradoxical but I’ve been searching the internet looking for nice women who enjoy doing nasty things and I’m happy to say that this is what I’ve found.