I live just outside London & for the past 30 years enjoyed sessions with some of the most well known, serious,experienced Dominatrixes in London & around UK (plus a couple European ones) on all different levels & scenarios.

Well, for a approximately 18 months, like most submissives, you look on the internet for ideas for sessions or window shop at other Doms & i kept coming across this different look of Mistress Katerina in Her pictures.

So i gave her a call & loved her soft quite toned voice. I’ve booked the appointment .This is a Dominatrix that is very intelligent, awesomely dangerous, and really makes you want to take it to another level without too much input at all.

You can also waste a lot of money & time with some Doms that look good but don’t session well; but Mistress Katerina absolutely blew me away with Her gentle, but dominant & serious approach. ¬†Absolutely amazing! You do forget how old she is, because she seams to play with such a mass of experience & intellect.

This was one off the sessions whrn you’re thinking: will it work? But for some reason your gut feeling is telling you that it is going to be awesome.

This is one Domaintrix that really is underselling  Herself & really worth trying session with. Plus it is very good value per hour ,its worth travelling for this one boys & girls.