My session with Mistress Katerina
As I sat downstairs i could feel the excitement building up inside me the wait felt like an age, and then I was summoned to see mistress in her chambers.
As I got up there mistress greeted me looking sensational and beautiful as she always does! She immediately told me to take my clothes off and get on my knees. Of course I did as I was told.
I was instructed to like on a table where mistress has easy access to punish me. It was this moment I realised I have not penis or balls anymore they are know mistresses. I was tied to the bed and gagged and then mistress lay underneath the table I immediately got aroused seeing this goddess below me, I soon got a harsh reality with mistress tying my cock and balls up and starts punishing them, mistress was so stern but at the same time it’s not all about the pain she mixes pleasure in there until you have to much! At this time I am fully tied up I am inhaling poppers and I have a sound bar inserted in my cock I can’t tell you how the slightest tough from mistress reminds you she is in charge!!
Then I was instructed to get on all fours, mistress then used her new humbler toy on me! She was careful none of the screws pinched me. Then the humbler was fully in session you can’t do anything but stay there on all fours why mistress has full control on you! I was then told to stand mistress instructed me how to do this as I had never had this toy on me before! Then the humbler was realised!
At the end of the session we moved to another bed and I was instructed to play with my self until told otherwise! Mistress got the sound bars again and said we are going to do an experiment…I’m not going to give to much away but this was possibly the best feeling I have ever had why reaching my climax.
Mistress I thank you for the session you are the best in the business and I can’t wait to see you again!
— Slave T