When I thought I might like to see a mistress, so as to learn some off this mystical world. Like most people I went to the internet, to see who was available locally. Then I needed to decide what my needs were so I had an idea of where I might want to go with this and I needed someone who seemed around the same wave length   that I thought I could talk to and held an attraction to me. I picked Mistress Katrina although she is not that close to me, I thought it could work for me. On first meeting we talked in a relaxed way and soon felt comfortable, as the season went on I felt I could trust her and have done ever since. I now see her on a regular basis and wish I could see her more often. I have learnt a lot mistress always looks fantastic and is very professional with her service. So if you think you might like her, book a session I hope you are as happy as me.