I have been seeing Mistress Katerina on a regular but regrettably infrequent basis for nearly three years.   Every session has been special and an absolute privilege.
As any reader of this blog will know, Mistress Katerina is a perfect Goddess always looking immaculate usually in delighfully tight latex.  (If you are fortunate you may be allowed to polish and bring her latex to a shine.)  Mistress has a  delicate porcelain beauty that goes well with her superior manner.  What isn’t often mentioned is that Mistress is well read and refined with a delight in the English language.  This goes so well with her  apparent severe haughtiness that outside of the session  is offset by a warmth and friendliness and a lovely sense of humour. 

Some important points before you start your session: treat Mistress Katerina with respect at all times. Mistress is a very special lady.  Start your session by being nice to Mistress; Mistress appreciates gifts and flowers.   Be assured she will repay you handsomely with humiliation and abuse during the session.   Also make sure you are  well presented and clean (inside and out): Mistress will be pristine and perfect you should try to look your best for her too.  I ensure that I arrive cock caged and butt plugged:  the former to demonstrate my subservience, the latter both to complete my chastity and to ensure my readiness for the ardours ahead.
Mistress Katerina is inventive and creative with new experiences each  session although there have been some consistent themes.   Total subservience to Mistress is naturally a prerequisite.   But what may have been in your dreams can become reality.   Besides being sissified and bound, I have been (anal) hooked, suspended, plugged, ridden dildos, used as an ashtray, sounded, fisted and naturally fucked silly with a variety of strapons.  The sensation of her latex clad thighs and body slapping against my bottom is wonderful.   There have been many  magical experiences but of particular note:   being suspended and helplessly fucked from behind; being sodomised while Mistress nonchalantly enjoyed a cigarette;  being humiliated and made to squat  and impale  myself on a massive 3″ diameter dildo (her “Grand Daddy’)’ and being allowed to ride Mistress cowgirl (on her 2” diameter “Big Daddy”) while she has sounded my cock. The last of these being total bliss.  

You will be unable to experience all of these delights on a single visit.  I can only suggest that you make several visits and find what works for you. You will not regret it.    If you have discerning taste and want to experience the best, I cannot recommend Mistress Katerina highly enough – the true crème de la crème amongst Mistresses.