i am a near-virgin regarding serious BDSM: only done some ad hoc stuff over the last year; culminating in ownership – for ongoing, totally serious (non-RP) systematic slave training – by my only previous proper pro-Domina, albeit regrettably ended after only 3 sessions, due to Her early retirement. So, after extensive research, i eventually humbly requested the magnificent Mistress Katerina to subject me to a similarly intensive slave training programme, but from scratch, thereby applying Her own imprint.


i was totally calm until i saw Mistress, whereupon i instantly became a bag of nerves! But Mistress quickly fully calmed me, revealing Herself to be most charming, while always remaining firmly in charge. Slowly but surely, Mistress’s personality and demeanour told me that, although She could, and surely would, stretch me to my current limits and beyond, Mistress would, indeed, drive me to fulfil all my fantasises, and more, eventually – hopefully! truly breaking my will. If anyone could train me to be a true, high quality slave, Mistress could! Anyway, these were the sorts of thoughts that flitted through my mind. Below is a summary of the session itself.




First, an initial chat to check for relevant health problems and limits, clarify my emails, and explain Her rules etc., before my being instructed to undress. Many further rules and advice given during the session. Then, as Mistress had explained, She observed the effects and poker-like “tells” of beating or otherwise mildly teasing and torturing me, using a wide variety of implements and severity – first while i was bound by wrists to an A-frame, then strapped face up on a bondage table. i was ball-gagged part of the time in each location.


i had to respond on a subjective scale from 1-10: 1-5 being enjoyable green-zone; 6-10 being tolerable but not directly-enjoyable amber-zone. Given a safe-word and instructed to inform Mistress ASAP if anything was wrong, and to request water whenever required. However, i was kept under such close continual observation anyway that i was never near needing safe-word. i never requested water, but twice Mistress gave me 2 mouthfuls anyway, giving me the bottle to finish at the end – unexpected, delightful and reassuring attention to my well-being. Mistress also gave occasional supportive hugs after the more severe pain or stress, and one, even more unexpectedly, at the end! Such care and attention was _so_ reassuring that i would be well looked after and protected during the inevitable, ever more taxing, proper training, in later sessions.


Mistress seemingly absorbed _all_ the (many!) details about my objectives, abilities and known limits that i had emailed beforehand and told Her Ftf. Mistress does not shout, but clearly always boss! Explained everything very well. No language problem, either way, but her lovely Russian accent evoked fond and erotic memories of all the best porno and Bond-movie-style lovers and villains. A _very_ beautiful, intelligent, systematic, analytical, calculating, humorous, witty, caring, university graduate. Always studying me and effects of “treatments”. Had pre-tested all implements on Herself, at full range of intensities, so could judge and empathise with what any sub was feeling/suffering, and moderate accordingly. Sadistic in that She evidently gains much pleasure seeing and controlling effects of Her subs’ treatment, but evidently really aiming for equal _mutual_ pleasure, albeit from opposite perspectives. Also ever more convincing about Her BDSM knowledge and competency, and specifically, what She would be doing and demanding – increasing confidence about safety, so essential for achieving the most exquisite mutual enjoyment that i could bear for Her.


i left most of the session details up to Mistress, which She adapted according my emailed likes/dislikes, but included never-imagined embellishments! Wide collar. Applied various kinds of impact, etc., while cuffed onto an A-Frame; then while lightly bound to a bondage-bench, mostly while my C&B were bound firmly with thin cord, and (moderately) stretched upwards with a highly leveraged pulley-block. Included a little mild hair pulling, face-slapping, bastinado with tickling, NT and CBT, violet wand and wax. Demanded some kisses to shoes and hands.


Mistress was so careful and measured in her checking of my pain threshold and other abilities that my fears that She might go too far for me to handle – especially in CBT and face-slapping – gradually faded. Mistress gave only light CBT, avoiding feared, intolerable, long-lasting, red-zone, “bad” pain.


All green-zone pain, except once slightly amber (level 6); some soft as feathers (level 1). No soreness or tenderness, or – as requested – obvious marking, afterwards. (i’ve once endured most terrible level 10, saturated pain, on arse, as well as several times having marking lasting up to 4 weeks. So by contrast, all this session, at least, was most delightful and directly enjoyable. Plus very enjoyable indirectly by empathy with Mistress’s evident pleasure, which is very important to me.) Took care not to scare me off, while skilfully establishing mutual trust and confidence in Her abilities and integrity.


Pleasantly surprised when, more than once, Mistress kindly complemented me on my initial level of pain-tolerance, and my training by my previous Mistress.



So i’m now owned; ecstasy!!