So, I had my second session today with Mistress Katerina and it was awesome.  MK wore a red PVC dress-mini with basque ties front and back and looked wonderful as always.  This time we experimented with total bondage again, both supine and prone on the rubber room bed and applied a vibrating egg into the mix.  To say that, combined with hard gagging, abandonment and tickling was a sensory overload.  At one point I was left with the remote egg control in reach. So, being a fool, I put it on full blast and threw the remote out of reach.  I was stuck there for, well, God knows how long!  Being tied facedown with my arms at my sides for more tickle torture was intense too.  MK had some silicon gloves on and that really made a difference to the sensation of the lightest and softest touch – particularly on the sides of my body and behind the knees.  Not being able to speak at all (with a towel stuffed in my moth and lots of gaffa tape wrapped around my head and mouth) added to the issue of being totally out of control.  MK taunted me with fingertips, brushes, a hair thing and pin wheel. Next time will be even more intense with the addition of a nifty electro gadget. I’ll count down the days.