My 90 minute session with Mistress Katerina was my third visit to her, and they definitely get better with each visit. Mistress dressed in her gorgeous red outfit for our session and we started with the humbler also known as the sausage and eggs treatment. When fitting the humbler around my penis and screwed around my bollocks and thighs you soon become very restrictive in your movements. Mistress then began striking my backside and bollocks with her cane, the strikes on the backside were fine but she delighted me by finding the most tender part of my bollocks which made me scream and bought tears to my eyes. Each time I screamed she hit my bollocks again and it was an agony, but beautiful… We then continued with some mummification, which was my first time, and I was mummified  for fully 30 minutes about 2 feet from the floor. Then Mistress decided to put 4 of her hard-core nipple clamps 2 on each nipple and started playing with them, twisting them around, which bought tears to my eyes. She continued to push me around swinging 2 feet above the floor, with the nipple clamps still attached, which by this time, after a few minutes, was extremely painful… This was a fantastic experience and one which I would recommend. Mistress then tied me up to her leather bench and started to severely strike both of my nipples at least 50 times each. By this time my nipples felt as if they did not belong to me – she gave them a proper battering and they were both red raw. 2 days later they are still extremely sore. We finished the session with about 50 strikes to my backside and she did not hold back, I felt as I was floating on air. I cannot wait for my next session with Mistress Katerina, in fact, I enjoyed the session so much – I will go for a Double Domme session next time with Mistress Katerina and her Mistress-friend. I cannot wait.

Katerina blew my brains out, so I hate to think what she and her friend will do together.