I arranged to visit Mistress Katerina for a 2 hour session of C.P. and torture in her Walsall chambers. She was very friendly and approachable making the arrangements over the phone. It was a very simple process.

When I arrived at the door Lady Lucea let me in, even whilst wearing street clothes she looked absolutely stunning. She showed me to a vacant dungeon room and told me to wait for Mistress Katerina. After a couple of minutes Mistress Katerina came in and took me to her upstairs dungeon. I was bowled over by Mistress Katerina’s looks, her beautiful red hair, even without her boots she towered over me. She had dressed in a gorgeous PVC leopard skin bra and suspender set. She looked fabulous and imposing.

Mistress Katerina spent several minutes asking what I was hoping for in the session and what were my limits. I had dropped her an email detailing my interests, in them I stated that I am into quite harsh C.P. and having my limits pushed, even so Mistress Katerina checked with me that I was OK each time she upped the anti.

There followed 2 hours of CBT electrics and a lot of cane strokes. At all times I knew I was in safe hands all be them sadistic hands. Mistress Katerina obviously enjoys making her subs suffer and making sure they enjoy the session.

I am anxious to return and hope for an even harsher session, I think next time I will ask for a double dom session including Lady Lucea

I am counting the days before I can next kneel at this delectable lady’s feet.