Well I have just got back from my first session with Mistress Katerina and I have a 2 problems.

1) I had such a good time I am not sure I want to inform anyone of what a gem I have discovered. 2) I don’t know enough superlatives to describe the session.

Mistress Katerina is a stunning sight to behold and has a personality to match. She was warm and friendly, enabling any concerns/ nerves to be put aside. Once the session started another side to her came out, never shouting but always in control, she teased and probed me and my senses, in a safe, sane, manner but still managed to keep the adrenaline flowing. (Not as easy combination to pull off).  The time I spent with her never felt rushed or scripted, but was a natural flowing session that still had a few surprises and made me squirm and wriggle in all the right ways.

I have seen a few dominatrix’s over the last few years but none of them have the skill and talent and love for her work that she displayed during the session. A true master craftsman and a joy to spend time with.  I feel I have found something special.

Thank you.  I will be back.