Note on biases: I’m not super experienced, I’ve only seen 15 Mistresses in total, also I’m basically a little bit infatuated with her, so that gives this review a little bit of a bias. But consider, it only took two sessions for me to become infatuated with her!

On the 05/June/2014 I had my first session with Mistress Katerina and on the 30/July/2014 I had my second session, which is actually a first for me, in the past I’ve been a bit of a “Domminizer”, never seeing the same Domme twice until a trip to New york last year, and Mistress Katerina is the first domme in the UK I’ve seen twice, and will certainly be the first Domme I’ll see for a third time! And a forth…

The first session I had with her was in response to her tweeting:

“Really need someone to be incredibly sadistic to today… who’s up for a very good smack & more?”

So I just phoned up, we had a quick chat*, arranged a 90 minute session, I wanted longer, but she was reluctant to go for longer with a new client. However after the session was over I thought to myself “that really wasn’t enough!” so I went back for another hour!

*There’s been some discussion on the issue of her accent/English. In session I had absolutely no trouble understanding her, her English is excellent, though I will admit there were a few moments on the phone when I misunderstood her.

I arrived slightly late due to traffic on the motorway, when she opened the door she was dressed in a green military style shirt, with a black leather mini-skirt and black thigh boots, and she looked stunning in them! She took me upstairs to the dungeon and we had a little chat about my interests and experiences, and we agreed on playing without a safeword.

I was then tied to an A frame and despite this being a session for her to vent her sadism, she didn’t just jump in and go wild, she very carefully and meticulously tested my pain tolerances for various different items and activities like floggers, whips, ball squeezing etc..
I was then tied in an “X” position from a girder hanging from the ceiling, with my ankles tied to some ring bolts on the floor then there was some ball squeezing and nipple torture.

She then locked me on a horizontal rack and tried some wax play and electric play. As the weather was very hot, throughout the session she kept giving me sips of water from a bottle.

Finally she had me sit on a raised seat and tortured my nipples and squeezed my balls, and clapped her hands with my balls in between, then tried some bastinado. While my balls and feet recovered before I’d arrived home, it took over a week for my nipples to recover!

For our second session I phoned up and booked the appointment, then followed it up with an email with details (Which basically amounted to “do whatever you like”!). She wore a beautiful Burgundy leather dress this time, the colour really complimented her complexion.
Again the session had no safeword, and except for the breath play and foot worship, I spent nearly the whole session gagged, and a lot of the time tied up and blindfolded.

We started off with me again tied up in an “X” position with a bar gag in my mouth and a blindfold on my eyes, then Mistress Katerina started with some light whipping and light ballbusting.

I then lay down, she tied my hands to the ring bolts on the floor and my balls to the suspension rig, then made it go higher and higher! I had to lift my behind from the ground to stop my balls being ripped off! While she had me there she squeezed and scratched my balls. I was then given a bit of a break, and allowed some foot worship, with some hairpulling.

Afterwards she bound me to a caning bench and started pulling at my back hairs.

Then I lay down on the rack and she covered my mouth with her hand, to prevent me from breathing (I wasn’t restrained at all through out the breathplay), then she tried wrapping my head in clingfilm while she counted upwards. I think I made it to nearly the count of 120 before needing to breath again.

Finally it was to the raised seat again for nipple torture and more ball squeezing with threats of castration!

It was a 3 hour session, but it felt like 30 minutes, I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went by!

Neither session involved much roleplay, they were both just “Tie me up, gag me, and then indulge whatever wicked whim comes to mind!”

Physically, she’s as her photos, a young woman in her early 20s, 5’8″, very slender without being scrawny, has very clear, smooth, pale skin and rich long auburn hair and beautiful eyes. What you can’t see in her photos is that she has the most exquisite facial bone structure and wonderful cheekbones. And she had the most beautiful look in her eyes when she hurt me, the more I winced and moaned, the more she beamed with happiness!

While physically she has the face and body of a woman in her early 20s, mentally and emotionally she comes across a lot more mature and level-headed than I would have expected, more like a woman in her mid 30s or early 40s. She displayed great honesty and integrity in our second session when I overpaid, and she returned the excess money, she could have easily kept it. That should tell you something about her.

Downsides: Well, she’s in Birmingham for a start! More seriously, if you’re a hardened masochist, then her slower more methodical style might mean your first session doesn’t quite give you the hit you need, but she will be building a foundation for a much more satisfying long term relationship.