So I have been to a small number of other mistresses of the last 12 months or so and none have compared to Mistress Katerina. Firstly, she is striking in appearance upon meeting her for the first time. But not only that, she is of high intelligence and very well spoken – and a great accent too. She is very kind and a great listener and has every passion for her role too, whatever level you are at.

My aim was to further my experience with bondage and sensory deprivation – medical reasons as well as kink, I might add 😉 – and to begin to push my limits with various sensations from ticking to pain, or to us fine crowd, ‘the norm’ ! Katerina was great at communicating and explaining things to me before the session, so it was easy to fall into the plan.

I was first tied supine to the rubber room bed – or rather strapped – and one of the important things for me was for it to be inescapable. Other times with other tops I am like Houdini! And that annoys me. However, there was NO escaping Katerina’s methods! So that was a big plus for me. the sensation of helplessness and exhausting all avenues of escape, whilst being totally comfortable are very important to me, if I am to get near the sub-state.

The session also included tickle endurance, breathing control and a lot of teasing. All was brilliant and I’ll sure to go back for seconds. And thirds!

The venue was very well kept, hygienic and kitted out.

After the session, I was taken for a cup of tea downstairs and a calm down 🙂