I’d wanted to session with Mistress Katerina for such a long time but the distance from London to the west midlands where She is based had always put me off. But having finally taken the plunge and travelled up to the midlands, i can only wish i’d done it sooner.

Like many others, i had been struck by Her astonishing beauty in the photos on her website. i’d always fantasised about being used and abused by the sort of stunning and alluring looking female villain you see in James Bond films. Katerina fits this vision perfectly. In fact, if She ever tires of being a Dominatrix (which i hope is a long way off) She would be perfectly cast in a Bond film as the beautiful, elegant but cold and cruel Russian spy.

In the flesh, She is breathtakingly beautiful. She has the looks and poise of a catwalk model. Her Russian accent also adds to her charm and mystique. But be assured, Katerina is not just a pretty face. She genuinely enjoys her craft and Her skill and expertise belies Her young age.

I’d booked an hour and a half session and i can honestly say it was the best S&M experience i’ve ever had. Prior to the session, Katerina encouraged me to provide plenty of detail in what sort of session i was looking for, likes and dislikes.

She’d obviously paid close attention because in the 90 minutes that i was at Her mercy, she included everything i’d indicated an interest in, in a seamless session. Nipple torture is my big thing and She certainly took great delight in delivering some of the most intense and hottest nipple torment i’ve ever experienced. Reassuringly, She takes time to assess your pain threshold before taking you up to your limits – and beyond! Because believe me, when she gazes into your eyes, and a smile flashes across her porcelain face as she watches you writhe in pain, you will want to suffer for Her pleasure like never before.

There were so many aspects to our session, it’s impossible to give a full account. But suffice to say, two days later and my nipples still haven’t recovered! The venue is huge with more equipment than you could ever use during even a three hour session. But the chains hanging from the stark beam were a favourite as i was painfully winched up whilst wearing a humbler. One of my requests was that Mistress wear the red lingerie that is featured in a couple of her photos on her website. Prior to the session, She agreed to wear it under a blouse and skirt and would reveal it only if i was a good slave in session and took all that She wanted to give. What better incentive could a slave have! And so after suffering Her delicious tortures for an hour, i was left strung up by chains attached to a beam only for Katerina to suddenly appear in front of me, having removed her blouse and skirt whilst behind me, clad only in the red lingerie that you see in Her photos. It was a truly stunning image. So when She calmly said “Now, where were we?” and started to torture my nipples and cock and balls once again, i would have quite happily endured anything She wished to dish out. Armpit worship is another of my favourites and being allowed to worship Her divine pits (non deodorised, as per my request) whilst being chained from the ceiling was truly mindblowing.

Throughout her session, she was attentive and would offer sips of water when required. She also pays close attention to a sub’s responses and breathing patterns so knows just how much or how little to push. But it’s clear She absolutely loves what She does – and that’s a huge factor with me. The only negative aspect i can offer is that i wish the dungeon had more mirrors so i could have seen more of Her as she strutted her incredible figure about the dungeon! And that i also wish She indulged in watersports but alas this is something that She makes clear is not on the menu. As an experienced slave i also would have been quite happy to have gone straight into the scene without the testing of my limits but as Katerina said afterwards many slaves claim to be painsluts and masochists but the reality is their pain threshold isn’t as high as they think. So it’s Her way of finding out what you can really take before rushing headfirst into a session. Which is at least reassuring for any less experienced subs.

After the session, Katerina proved to be a warm, intelligent and friendly Lady. And genuinely seemed to have enjoyed the session as much as i did. She’s a real gem and for any subs contemplating making the journey to the west midlands, i can only urge you to do it sooner rather than later. Much much sooner!